Company Profile

Tripod Technology Corporation completed the construction of our new Taoyuan factory and transferred our manufacturing operations to this facility in March of 1998. As a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, we have well learned the importance of fulfilling our customer needs.

Our new and modern factory is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, which has the world highest population of printed circuit board shops. Our new plant, is supported by Taoyuan’s significant PCB infrastructure, and enables Tripod to offer world class printed circuit board solutions to our customers. Today, we serve customers which span the globe, supplying them with precision multi-layer circuit board solutions and shipping them on-time, on budget, and with quality that meets or exceeds their specifications.

Tripod Technology ,With our financial stability and strength, you can count on continued investment to support our commitments to achieving total customer satisfaction, developing new skills, implementing process improvements, and installing the latest new equipment. These commitments to our customers are the driving force of our daily work life
At Tripod Technology, we listen to the voice of our customer. We are ready, willing, and able to stand by you, and support your success with cost effective, high quality printed circuit board solutions We know that your success with your customer will bring Tripod growth and prosperity through this partnership. Manufacturing printed circuit boards requires significant and sustained capital investment.

To invest heavily in the future each year

Many PCB suppliers do not have the financial capability to stay abreast of the most recent production technology available in our industry .

Consequently there is a tendency to postpone investment, to extend equipment life, and get by with old technology. At Tripod we have benchmarked ourselves against other world class PCB manufacturers to insure that our technology roadmap is second to none.

Our technology investment strategy is one of the foundations of our confidence in our success in the printed circuit board industry.

Having the right systems in place means the difference
between chaos and order

On-time, high quality performance is critical to the success of our customers and to ourselves. With dozens of designs moving through the complex, multiple process steps of a printed circuit board factory each day, process and quality control are of the utmost importance. Having the right systems in place means the difference between chaos and order . Timely information empowers our management team
Tripod’s production system provides real-time job tracking, assisting engineering change control, and capacity planning. Tools that enable our management team to control each part number and line item through our shop to meet our commitments to our customers.
Most importantly, Tripod recognizes that our process to support our customers does not include just us. Our printed circuit manufacturing process includes the efforts of our suppliers, as well as everything from material load-in, tooling preparation, work-in-process, to finished goods….from our dock to customer stock .
Each step of the way, we have organized our systems, policies, procedures, and checks to assure an on-time, quality product for our customers.

Year Milestones
2019   Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 54.45 billion.
2018  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 52.11 billion.
2017  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 45.82 billion.
2016  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 43.51 billion.
2015  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 43.38 billion.
2014  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 42.43 billion
2013  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 40.77 billion.
2012  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 39.1 billion.
2011  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 40.9 billion.(Construction of the printed circuit board (PCB)   factory in Hu Bei, China.)
2010  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 43 billion.
2009  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 33.9 billion.
2008  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 30 billion.
2007  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 27 billion.
2006  Ranked number 5 on the PCB supplier list in China.
2006  Ranked number 12 on the PCB supplier list in world.
2006  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 20 billion.
2005  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 15 billion.
2004  Consolidated revenue exceeded NT$ 10 billion.
2002  Stocks were listed at TSE on August 26.
2002  PCB received ISO-14001 certification in February
2001  Investment Commission approved indirect investment in Tripod-tech (Wuxi) Electronics Ltd.
2000  Stocks were listed at GreTai Securities Market (over-the-counter) on December 7.
2000  PCB received QS-9000 certification in September.
1999  Our PCB business successfully developed Rambus module, which was also certified and produced,  making Tripod the first Taiwan PCB maker to deliver Rambus module. With revenue exceeding NT$ 1.75 billion.
1998  PCB’s Ping-Cheng factory received ISO-9002 certification in August.

The Pin-Cheng PCB factory was inaugurated. Built on 3,800 pings of land, the 7,200-ping facility began to produce various precision multi-layer PCBs.

1997  Construction of the printed circuit board (PCB) factory in Ping-Cheng Industrial Park began.